Whether you choose to continue your education, start a new career or add something wonderful to your life by working part-time, being a Dive Instructor is a very rewarding experience. This program prepares you to become an active member of the scuba industry, a successful educator, and a valuable dive business employee.


What will I learn about?

  • How various industry stakeholders interact – manufacturers, media, agencies, retail, and travel.
  • How successful dive retailers and resorts operate.
  • The Education System and Education Philosophy.
  • Techniques for teaching home study academics, pool and open water.
  • The legal aspects of teaching.
  • The basics of educational selling using the Customer Loyalty Cycle.


What can I teach as a certified SSI Open Water Instructor?

  • Open Water Diver
  • Diver Stress & Rescue
  • Nitrox Specialty
  • Scuba Diver
  • Scuba Skills Update
  • Try Scuba
  • Specialty Courses (that you are qualified to teach).


How to get involved

Continuing Education. If you are interested in developing the skills and knowledge of an instructor, but not necessarily becoming active, you can still take the leadership programs. Discuss your desire with Scuba Diving Internships and start your program today.

Full- or Part Time Career. Visit Scuba Diving Internships and learn more about the instructor program. Upon completion of your program Scuba Diving Internships you can check the SSI job-placement-database, as well post your resume and research various openings worldwide.