Capones Island is located about 3 km off the shores of Barangay Pundaquit. The island itself is not included on the map posted on our “Dive Sites” page since its located outside “the bay”. Just North-West of Capones Island you’ll find a smaller island called Camara Island, named after Antonio de la Camara who planned construction of the Faro de Punta Capones (Capones Lighthouse) in 1884. Although Camara Island seems to have another island next to it, the two are actually linked by a sandbar revealed during low tide.

Capones Island is located fairly far from most of the other dive sites in Subic Bay. To get here we usually arrange day trips (2 hours by boat from our dive shop) with overnight stay if requested.

There are several dive spots located around the Capones and Camara Islands. “The Wall” is located on the North side of the Capones Island. This site offers great visibility with lots of hard corals and a wide variety of Reef fish. As you entered the water you sometimes have up to 35 meters visibility in all directions!

On the South-East end of Capones Island the coralscape is a bit different, almost like hills sloping into the deep. This part is rich on marine life and its common for divers to spot both different kinds of Moray Eels and Octopus.



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