“Have you ever been standing at the dive site asking yourself how to correctly set your brand new computer?”

A lot of divers have been in this situation and would have done anything to avoid it. This is exactly why Computer Diving is such an important course, a chance to learn and understand the fundamentals of diving computers.

Learning how to plan your dive with a table is extremely important. It is how you develop an understanding of the decompression theory. But in real life, divers do not dive a table profile. The modern diver does multi-level diving which means that the dive incorporates different depth levels. These kind of dives can only be planned with a special type of table or a dive computer. Dive computers make diving safer and easier if you know how to set and use it correctly.


The course will teach you:

  • The equipment and preparation for Multi-Level-Dives
  • Medical aspects of Multi-Level-Dives
  • Dive Computers in comparison to Dive Tables
  • Emergency management and procedures in Multi-Level-Diving
  • Quick Facts


Prerequisites: Open Water Diver
Recommended Add-Ons: Enriched Air (NITROX), Equipment Techniques