Becoming a Divemaster is your first step into the world of professional divers. If you’re truly into diving then why not consider assisting others to learn how to dive and guide fellow adventurers on pleasure dives. Completing this course is the initial step towards becoming an Instructor, a possibility of making a career in diving.


During your Divemaster Training Program you will be developing knowledge in the following areas:

  • Diving skills and environment
  • Diving physiology
  • Diving physics
  • Dive planning
  • Dive management and control
  • Supervising students in training
  • Emergency assistance plan for Diving emergencies within the local Diving area, Subic Bay
  • Mapping out a local Subic Bay dive site


Completing a Divemaster course with us gives you great training and experience from a truly diverse selection of dive sites used as training ground. Once completing this course you will have a:

  • High level of personal diving skills
  • Instructor level knowledge of diving theory
  • Significant training in how to assist an Instructor during training activities
  • The capacity to assume appropriate responsibilities that benefit the welfare of other divers


As a Divemaster you’ll be qualified to:

  • Organize, conduct and supervise recreational diving activities, both land and boat based
  • Assist Instructors in conducting Diver Training Programs
  • Aid Instructors both as an instructional assistant and a supervisor of Open Water Diving activities (both as a co-ordinator and as an underwater guide)
  • Teach and certify Skin Divers
  • Conduct the Scuba Review program for certified divers
  • Enrol in the Instructor Training Program


Prerequisites: Minimum 18 years of age with at least 40 logged dives. Hold a current HSE Medical. Have the Rescue Diver qualification and own your own dive equipment including adequate exposure protection (cylinders can be provided).