This wreck is located in Triboa Bay, one of the smaller bays within Subic Bay. The vessel is commonly referred to as the “Japanese Patrol Boat” and is standing upright at a maximum depth of 26 meters (depth 16-26 meters). This boat is one of many that were bombed and sunk by the Americans during the second World War, as they battled with the Japanese along the waters of Zambales.

The reason why this dive site is referred to as just a “patrol boat” is because there is not much that can help identify this wreck. Some believe that this vessel was a regular fishing boat while others say it was a trawler, but the matter has not yet been cleared up. What is known to us is that during the World War II the Japanese converted many fishing trawlers into mine-sweepers, submarine-chasers or patrol boats and this vessel is very likely to be one of those “modulated ships”. The boat is most certainly a true war wreck, sunk from bombing missions carried out by the US Navy during 1944-1945, as evidenced by the large hole in her starboard side from what appears to be a direct hit from either a bomb or air-dropped torpedo.

Once diving on the site you will see that the wreck is about 120 ft. (35 meters) long, about 26 ft. wide and estimated to have weighed around 180 tons. If engaged in military naval operations she was most likely employed as a patrol boat, tug boat or submarine detection vessel.

This is a pleasant wreck to visit, but at times fairly low visibility. Due to it’s upright position in the water it is easy to spot the damages that have appeared. Some of the divers who have dived on the site have reported finding ammunition and the cargo is still mostly intact. However there is a lot of silt covering this part so examining it can be difficult.

Part of the attraction there now, besides the wreckage, include the various corals that have sprung up, adding color and vibrancy to the scene. There are also several kinds of fish such as Jackfish, Trout and different types of Lionfish. The currents are not very strong in the area but do appear at times, and can reduce the visibility dramatically. Beginners who wish to explore this dive site should have an experienced Divemaster to accompany them at all times.



  • Latitude: N 14.77676
  • Longitude: E 120.27322
  • Copy and paste in Google Maps to view the location; N 14.77676, E 120.27322  (Google Maps)