This site is located just 10 minutes away from our Dive Center making it a easily accessible all around dive site. The site is fairly shallow with a wall that drops to about 20 meters, and is normally visited for night dives since most of the wreck sites are closed for this type of diving. When diving at the Lighthouse site you’re likely to see different types of Coral Fish, Crabs, Banded Coral Shrimp, Cuttle Fish and a wide variety of Nudibranch. The site is commonly used for less experienced divers (used as a training site) but also accommodates the more advance diver. The site got its name from local fishermen who commonly mistake the marker light on the radio beacon tower for a light house.



  • Latitude: N14.83114
  • Longitude: E120.23376
  • Copy and paste in Google Maps to view the location; N14.83114, E120.23376  (Google Maps)