This dive site is considered as the second best coral reef site within Subic Bay. Nabasan Reef is located at the South-West part of Triboa Bay and is often used as a training ground for less experienced divers. The site offers a drop-off wall starting at a depth of approximately 4 meters, and continues down past 20 meters, with the major part of the reef between 6-17 meters.

This reef is mostly made up of hard coral types with a frequent presence of both Sea Whips and Sea Anemones. The corals are home to a wide variety of Reef fish species. Bluespotted Stingrays and Pufferfish are also common at this site. Waters here are usually clear, making this dive site good for underwater photography and a regular dive spot for our Discover Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver courses.



  • Latitude: N14.77321
  • Longitude: E120.25446
  • Copy and paste in Google Maps to view the location; N14.77321, E120.25446 (Google Maps)