The Nikko Maru is resting at a depth of 54 meters in the channel just West of Grande Island. This vessel is fairly small (only 50 meters long) compared to most other wrecks within the bay, nevertheless a very interesting dive site. The Japanese Patrol/Gun boat was sunk in a battle with a US Submarine (USS Harder). The marine life at this site is abundant and the coral growth pretty astonishing. To explore the hidden wonders of this dive site we require you to be at least an Advance Open Water Diver.

During the several hours long battle between the Nikko Maru and US Submarine several torpedos were fired, yet the 6,000-ton Nikko Maru stubbornly refused to sink. A brave, but doomed enemy crew kept the ship afloat until USS Harder had expended all torpedoes, many of which ran erratically. Rough weather the next day finally sank the damaged Nikko Maru. USS Harder returned to Pearl Harbor 30 November 1943, then sailed to Mare Island for overhaul.



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