Apart from Diving Subic Bay offers a wide variety of activities and tours for all members of the family! You don’t have to travel far since many of the activities can be enjoyed right here on the beach. Blue Rock Resort offers both Jet Skiing, Banana boat rides, boat trips around the bay, great dining with live music and a pretty impressive 2-story floating bar. If you’re looking for a more relaxed evening try one of the different types of service-massages in your room.

At www.subicboard.com you can find more information about other activities offered within the Subic Bay area listed below:


Bat Kingdom

One of the appealing manmade Subic sightseeing spots, Bat Kingdom provides a nice and relaxing place for tourists to visit. This captivating site features more than 10,000 fruitbats, which are considered to be the biggest kind of bats in existence. Aside from these, it also offers shelter to the smallest specie of bats that people can find in the Philippines, Bamboo bats. Read more about Bat Kingdom


Zoobic Safari

The Subic Bay Freeport Zone hosts a unique theme park where animals roam free. The Zoobic Safari is one of the attractions in the Freeport area. Various exotic animals can be seen within the protected area including tigers. Covering 15 hectares, this sanctuary and preserve is divided into several sections. The Petting Zoo runs through the forest and you can get up close and personal with deer, goats, bearcats, horses, and many more. The Serpentarium contains a wide variety of snakes, and there is also a nearby pond housing some crocodiles. Read more about Zoobic Safari


Bicentennial Park

For those looking for some quality time with friends and family, or just some quiet time, the Bicentennial Park in Subic is where most folks go, both for picnics, strolls, or fishing.


Hill 394

The most popular destination for climbers, Hill 394 rises over 1,300 feet above the sea, commanding a majestic view of Subic and also that of the beautiful Mount Natib. Aside from these, simply gazing at the blue skies and feeling the breeze on you after the long trip up can rejuvenate the body and spirit.



Think you have what it takes to be in the military? Try out the jungle survival program of JEST (Jungle Environmental Survival Training). Not only does it provide you with a good workout, but you will be able to learn a lot about navigating the jungles as well. In addition, there is a Mini Zoo, where the main attraction is the Butterfly Garden, home to some of the most exotic butterflies in the Philippines. Read more about JEST Camp


Malawaan Pier

Subic Bay has, and always be associated with the seas, be it fishing or the shipping of goods. To get an idea of how the famous seaport operates, dropping by Malawaan Pier will provide you with an indication of how the process works.


Mount Pinatubo Crater Creek

There are plenty of things to see if you take the journey to this crater lake; there are the remains of the towns and fields that were obliterated by the lava flow during Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption some twenty years ago. Then there is the lake from which you can go kayaking, and various hot-springs.


The Pastolan Aeta Village

This is where you can take some time to learn and understand the fascinating culture of the Aetas. Together with a guide, you will be able to see and witness the local handicraft, herbal medicines, and the general way of life for the tribe. At the Pamulaklakin Forest, you will get to be one with nature as you become immersed with the lush environment.


Ocean Adventure

This is the only open water marine park in Subic and the rest of Southeast Asia. Marine and forest animals roam freely here within their natural habitat. Main attractions here include marine animal shows in the lagoon. Each show doesn’t only entertain but also educate the audience about animal conservation. An interesting feature you may want to try here would be “animal encounter”. Visitors are given the chance to swim, play on the beach, and dive with the animals within the reserve. Each animal encounter activity will come with a small affordable fee. Read more about Ocean Adventure


El Kabayo Equestrian Center

This is also one of the attractions in the Freeport area in Subic. Enthusiasts of the sport will love to try their skills here since the center grooms foreign breeds of horses from Argentina, Australia, and the US. If you’re not into horseback riding then you may want to go waterfall hunting after admiring the magnificent animals. Read more about El Kabayo Equestrian Center


Jungle Joe’s World

For those who like to visit attractive amusement parks, one of the Subic sightseeing spots that they should look at is Jungle Joe’s World. Families will surely have a splendid and remarkable time at this place because it features beautiful attractions and children’s rides. For toddlers aging two to five, one of the nicest attractions in the place that they should see is Kiddie Playzone, which has trampolines, mazes, and plastic slides. Children can also enjoy and have fun at Indy 500 Racer, Winter Wonderland, and Jungle Joe’s Playhouse Theater. Meanwhile, adults should try some exciting and fun activities at Jungle Joe’s World like Zoo Ride adventure and Jurassic Trail trekking. Read more about Jungle Joe’s World


Mount Pinatubo Trek

Adventurous people who are in search for exciting and interesting outdoor activities, they should see the attractive sightseeing spot Mount Pinatubo Trek. This place is very accessible and just an hour away from Subic Bay, so tourists can easily locate it. Besides trekking and hiking, people can also enjoy different spa treatments at its spa center. Read more about Mount Pinatubo Trek


Subic Bay Golf and Country Club

Subic Bay Golf and Country Club is one of the most visited attractions along Binictican Valley within Subic Bay Freeport Zone in the province of Zambales. Golfers will surely have a nice and enjoyable time at this place since its 18-hole golf course provides a nice overview of the bay and forests in the area. Read more about Subic Bay Golf and Country Club


Subic International Raceway

Tourists who want to try exciting activities should take a look at the facilities of Subic International Raceway. This raceway is one of the places in the Philippines that host and hold international races like SVI Grand Prix, Formula 3, and the Philippine National Touring Car. Adventurous people can have a good time at this site since its race circuit has 12 turns. Read more about Subic International Raceway


Cinco Picos Trekking

Trekkers in Subic should allot time to go to Cinco Picos Trek. To have a wonderful and safe hiking and trekking activities at this place, tourists are usually guided by Aetas living at Mount Cinco Picos. The most common two-day trek at this Subic sightseeing spot begins at Sitio Cawak. Many people like to hike at this place because it offers a relaxing and refreshing overview of some of the beautiful natural attractions in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Read more about Cinco Picos Trekking


Subic Bay International Tennis Center

Sports lovers will really have a nice and enjoyable time at Subic Bay International Tennis Court. Located along Remy Field in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, this Subic sightseeing spot allows people to play tennis with some professionals who manage the place. Some of the facilities that tourists can find in this place are outdoor tennis courts, a center court, and indoor courts. In addition, it has locker and shower rooms for the convenience of players. Read more about Subic Bay International Tennis Center


Tree Top Adventure

One of the special and enjoyable sightseeing spots in Subic Bay Freeport Zone that tourists and travelers should see is the Tree Top Adventure park. This is a manmade park situated in a beautiful and pristine forest. At this attractive Subic sightseeing spot people can try unique activities. Inside the premises of this park, guests can tour the forest in an exciting way. They can admire the beauty of the site 100 feet above the ground. In order to ensure the safety of guests, the management and staff at the place use modern and sophisticated equipment like cable rides. Other activities that guests can try at this park are tree-drop adventure, trekking, and hiking. Read more about Tree Top Adventure


Swimming with Dolphins in Ocean Adventure

Another exciting Subic activity that tourists and locals can try, is swimming with dolphins, only individuals 8 years old and above can try this activity. Swimming with dolphins in Ocean Adventure lasts for 45 minutes. Read more about Swimming with Dolphins in Ocean Adventure


Subic Seaplane

Tourists in Subic can also visit Subic Seaplane for another unique and enjoyable activity. This place offers several services and special Subic activities. One of the interesting activities people can try is the local sightseeing. With the use of its chartered planes, locals and tourists can tour some of the famous attractions in the Philippines, like Mount Pinatubo, Manila South Harbor and Boracay. Other beautiful destinations in the country are Batangas Taal Volcano, Puerto Galera’s Sabang Beach, and La Union’s Bauang Beach. While traveling to these destinations, tourists can also get aerial pictures of attractive and appealing sites. Read more about Subic Seaplane


Le Man’s Go-Kart

If you’re not a real racer or just a racer by heart but don’t exactly have the heart to get on the beaten racer track, then go-carting at Le Man’s Go Kart is a good way to feel like a real racer. It’s a great way to enjoy the sport without getting your hands dirty so to speak. Go-kart racers from various parts of the country would get together here to race in annual competitions. Le Man’s Go Kart is right beside the famous Subic Bicentennial Park, which is just along the Rizal Highway. They’re open from 10 am to 7 pm, but you can come a few minutes earlier to be first in line. Read more about Le Man’s Go-Kart


Subic Extreme Adventure Park

Subic has several theme parks that visitors can enjoy. One these theme parks can be quite a challenge and will test your limits. The Subic Extreme Adventure Park is where you will discover just how far or how high you can really go. If you’re the type who wants to experience big thrills then try the challenges in this theme park. Moving around is already an adventure since you’ll be walking over hanging bridges elevated high up above ravines and tall trees. The toughest challenge, and most exciting one it seems, is what they call ‘slide for life’. You’ll be wearing a body harness and will climb up 100 feet high in the air up on a platform on a tree. You’ll be getting an astounding view of the rainforest from up there – then comes the part where you’ll be screaming as you slide down a rope where your harness is attached. The guides may take pictures as you slide down, if that isn’t all too embarrassing. Other activities here include tension traversing, high pole jumping, and high ladder climbing. Read more about Subic Extreme Adventure Park


Jungle Joe’s Paintball Course

Jungle Joe’s is another theme park in Subic that is worth visiting. If you’re a paintball freak then try their course with your shooting buddies. Scope out their sniper towers, obstacles, foxholes, and a host of barricades to make everything a lot more challenging. The course is set on a two-hectare forest area making combat as life-like as possible. Read more about Jungle Joe’s Paintball Course


Triboa Bay Mangrove Park

Those who want to take a break from all the thrilling parks in Subic may want to experience a quiet afternoon at the Triboa Bay Mangrove Park located in the area of the Ilanin Forest. The biological diversity in this park is pretty high where two ecosystems meet. The mangroves, of course, are the highlight of the park. Read more about Triboa Bay Mangrove Park

All above information is collected from www.subicboard.com, for reservations or more details with regards to any of the particular activities above we suggest you contact Subicboard directly.


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