Take a minute or two to meet the people who will be working hard to ensure you have a great diving experience here in Subic Bay. Our crewmembers are all bilingual, have years of experience from the diving industry and the waters of The Philippines, and specialize in instructing divers in all aspects of diving. Do you want to improve your buoyancy? Practice different propulsion techniques? Are you transitioning to Jet fins, or are you interested in learning more about navigating under the water? Let us know and we promise to work with you to improve your diving skills!


Jun-Martinez Jun Martinez  

Mr. Jun Martinez (Certified Instructor) is one of the founders and owners of El Coral Reef Dive Center. With thousands of dives logged Jun is considered as one of the more experienced divers within the Subic Bay area and is therefor one of the divers called in during special circumstances, rescue missions etc. As a certified instructor Jun regularly handles both the practical and theoretical parts of diver courses, but also leads many of the day-to-day dives conducted in the area. Jun has been working with diving commercially in both Malaysia and Canada but decided to return to The Philippines and is now running the El Coral Reef Dive Center. Jun is fluent in both English and Tagalog.


Thomas-EvansThomas “Tommy” Evans

Mr. Thomas Evans (Certified Divemaster) started his diving career back in 1976 as a recruit in the US Navy. He served in The US Navy Seals, Underwater Demolitions Team (UDT), a special forces division operating globally. Thomas is a experienced diver with plenty of hours logged both professionally and recreational. Since joining us he’s been a great asset assisting with the handling of both day to day operations as well as marketing and making sure that you as a diver with El Coral Reef Dive Center becomes a part of our gang immediately!


Tim-MathiesonTim Mathieson

Mr. Tim Mathieson (Certified Dive Control Specialist) started his diving back in the 80s on the west coast of Canada with dry suit diving. He has over 5,000 logged dives with experience from all around the world. Tim’s passion is wreck diving and from all hot spots in The Philippines he rates Subic Bay as top 2 for wreck diving. Tim has guided over 6,000 divers in Subic bay with a perfect track record. He has his Divemaster, Wreck, Deep, Side mount, Dry suit and is currently doing his Tec deep.

Your safety is always our number one priority!