Are you ready for the next level in Diving? The Rescue Diver course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills required to become a diver who’s prepared to deal with diver stress management, out of air emergencies, unconscious and panicked diver rescues as well as how to use specialized first aid equipment.

During the course you will learn and practice a variety of different rescue techniques, including dealing with a panicked diver, surf rescues and procedures for coming to the aid of unconscious divers both on the surface and at depth. The skills you will master once completing this course give you the ability to keep a cool head when the adrenaline spikes in the heat of the moment and you’ll learn how to keep a small problem from becoming “big trouble!”.

Scuba Diving enjoys a very good safety record partly because of the knowledge and skills shared in the Rescue Diver course. When you complete the course you’ll have the confidence that comes from knowing you can handle extreme situations. Becoming a Rescue Diver is challenging, however, many students say it’s among their most rewarding experience. We believe Knowledge, Skills, Equipment and Experience are four of the principal pillars of being a comfortable and confident diver. As a Rescue Diver student you will build on all four of these pillars.


This course includes:

  • Rescue Diver video session
  • Team CPR & First Aid
  • AED Introduction
  • First Aid Introduction
  • Equipment considerations
  • Panic discussion
  • Surface rescues
  • Tired and Panicked Diver at the surface
  • Scenario #1 (Response from shore/Skin Diver rescue)
  • Surfacing Unconscious Diver with equipment removal
  • In Water Rescue Breathing and exits with victim
  • Scenario #2 (Unconscious Diver at surface)
  • Scenario #3 (Missing Diver)
  • Advanced First Aid and AED use
  • Exams


Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water Certification and Current Logbook (40 logged dives).