This wreck is located South-East of Grande Island, in 6 to 18 meters of water, and is one of the older wrecks within the bay, sunk more than 100 years ago. The dive site is considered as an excellent site for both beginners and more advance divers. Sometimes surface conditions can be a bit rough but the diving is calm with a occasional fairly mild current.

San Quentin was a steam powered wooden galleon, sunk during the Spanish-American War in an attempt to block a shallow channel just South-East of Grande Island. It wasn’t uncommon to scuttle ships to keep them from being used by enemy forces, and such was the case of the San Quentin. The large steam gunboat was sunk by the Spanish in order to hinder American forces passage between Grande and Chiquita Island.

The wreck is largely decayed and collapsed, yet the stronger bow and stern construction are both partially intact, providing structure from which soft corals hang in the sunlight. At the center of the wreck there are two large boilers, reasonably intact. Visibility is usually around 15-20 meters depending on the tides, making this site excellent for photography. The marine life at the site is diverse and your likely to see Moray Eel, Lobster, Bluespotted Stingray, Batfish, up to 20 different types of NudibranchOctopus, Jackfish, Giant Clam, plenty of Corals and Sponges. Further North of the wreck is a shallow reef about 6 to 10 meters deep. The relative shallowness of the San Quentin wreck makes this a great dive site for beginners.

The Giant Clams found at this site was introduced by the University of the Philippines thru a special project conducted back in 1999.



  • Latitude: N14.76304
  • Longitude: E120.23111
  • Copy and paste in Google Maps to view the location; N14.76304, E120.23111  (Google Maps)