In general the climate here in Subic Bay is characterized by the dry season from November to May, followed by the rainy season from June up to the month of October. However, what sets the Subic Bay apart from other locations such as Manila or other major cities in The Philippines, is that the weather does not have the extreme range, in other words, summer is cooler and the rainy season is less intense.

The average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) with the warmest part of the year stretching from March to May. The best time for diving in Subic Bay is during the dry season, less currents and on average better visibility, yet diving can be experienced all year around due to it’s somewhat protected geographical location, enclosed by land Subic Bay offers calm protected waters under all but the absolute worst weather conditions.

You can read more about the climate of The Philippines here. For more accurate information about the current weather in Subic Bay please call or write us.



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